...a well-educated young man who's willing to give his best to accomplish the hardest tasks you've kept for him.

Besides he loves composing and listening music. Expressing his creativity and contemplating creativity of others. Playing piano is for him an incredible way to express his deepest feelings. Everyone should find an equivalent to free his mind and his heart.

He feels this same passion when playing video-games. When he's walking through these imaginary worlds, he's dreaming about building his own. He's been playing since he was a kid and has now a particular affection for indies which are much more sincere and unique than AAA-productions.

After having moved from town to town, he settled down in the fantastic / dynamic / full-of-opportunities / quite-big-but-not-too-much / and-let's-face-it-not-so-sunny city of Lyon (France) to find a way to fulfill that dream.


...a lot but he isn't a boastful for sure! He has deep knowledge in mathematics, electronics and computer science.

With a degree of electrical engineering and computer science obtained in ENSEA (France), he has strong technical knowledge in electronics and programming. That's how he discovered his taste for programming, starting with some languages: C, Java, Assembling, Matlab, JavaScript, MySQL & HTML/CSS. He coded some microprocessors and made some image and sound processing.

He kept on learning new things by doing a MSc in interactive media in a warm country. With an exciting last year in UCC (Ireland), he discovered a new passion: to create content for people amusement. That's where he learned some new languages: ActionScript3, Processing, PHP, Objective-C and last but not least C# for Unity3D. And he also learned much about human-computer interaction. With these new tools he made some web and mobile applications or even little video-games.

He graduated of his long-enough studies in 2013 and has done some thrilling work here and there since that.

...sweats on...

...his keyboard, but has no worries about any sort of electrocution, you can trust him, he's an engineer. Jokes apart he likes so much programming he can spend nights on a project. For instance I'm sure he did this website at an ungodly hour. He found out that graphic design wasn't really his thing so he focused on projects with small needs for graphic work.

The more recent ones are custom game modes for ShootMania, scripted in ManiaScript (a cousin of JS). He's coding them for fun and you should definitely give a try!

Another project he's still working on initially was his master project. It's an Android game called BlackNoise made with Unity3D. It's based on sounds as you play with headphones and pretty nothing is displayed on the screen. It also uses movements detection so you move in the game with your real body!

His previous work was about creating graphic tools as Directed Acyclic Graphs and Gantt. He made them in JavaScript with the framework ExtJS during an internship for the company Merck Serono (in Switzerland at this time).


...a lot of things, not always clever. Have you noticed? But let me tell you, he's sincere and speaks freely. Ok let's do it again:

Léo Forner says...thank you to every one who made this possible. From his relatives to his teachers, he'd like to thank all of them. He knows he's only starting but he feels like it's already an achievement just being there and having the opportunity to work in what he loves.

He also says...check out these links:

-Graduate school ENSEA (France).
-University UCC (Ireland).
-LinkedIn profile.
-Android game BlackNoise.
-DAG drawer examples.
-Github (DAG drawer project and ShootMania game modes).
-A website made for the puppets company Bouldegom' Théâtre.

You can directly contact him on his email address starting by forner.leo and ending by gmail.com!